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Dryers for tobacco, fruits and vegetables

The drying processes for agriculture products usually take place during the summer period when the solar radiation intensity is highest. Every dryer (existing or newly built) could be retrofitted with regard to utilize solar energy. It is necessary to build a solar collectors field incorporated in the drying chamber's construction, or as a single unit. The solar collectors field for warm air production could be made of polyetilene film, or glass-metal construction.

The technical-economic characteristics of solar collectors field for this specific application are:

  • utilized heat energy: 250 - 400 kWh/sq.m per season
  • payback period: 0.7 - 4 seasons (depending on materials used and the drying chamber loading).

During the summer season every greenhouse could be turned into a drying chamber. This is easily accomplished by incorporating air solar collectors in the greenhouse's construction. The air movement is achieved by means of fans and mobile system for air distribution. This way the greenhouse could be operated on a year round basis.


  • consulting services,
  • design,
  • full engineering of drying chambers with utilization of solar energy for warm air production.
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