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Heat exchangers

THERMOCONSULT is the authorized distributor for the territory of Bulgaria for the products of ITT Fluid Technology Corporation, U.S.A. - Heat Transfer - Standard.

ITT Standard is one of the world's famous manufacturers of plate heat exchangers and shell-and-tube heat exchangers finding their application in every industry where heat needs to be transferred from one fluid to another:

  • food and beverage industry;
  • mining industry;
  • oil refineries and chemical factories;
  • textile industry;
  • power plants and combined heat and power plants;
  • metalworking factories;
  • wood processing and furniture manufacturing;
  • pulp and paper industry.

Brazed plate heat exchangers

ITT Standard's brazed heat exchangers offer the highest level of thermal efficiency and durability in a compact, low-cost unit. A corrugated plate design provides maximum turbulation for high heat transfer, with a small surface area. The brazed plate heat exchangers design joins a stack of corrugated plates, sealing them together by furnace brazing. The plates are corrugated in a herringbone pattern to produce high turbulence for superior heat transfer. Holes at the plate corners distribute the fluids between alternating plates, with one fluid entering the plate at one end and the other fluid at the oposite end, to create true countercurrent flow. Heat transfer coeficients of up to six times those of conventional heat exchangers can be achieved. The result is a much smaller heat exchanger for a given service.The brazing process eliminates the need for gasketed or rolled joints commonly found in traditional exchangers. This permits higher operating pressures and temperatures, with no maintenance required - and no leaks.The corrugated plates are capable of handling highly viscous fluids, turbulating them for maximum efficiency. The use of corrosion resistant materials ensures a long operational life.

Primary applications:

  • Boiler systems
  • District heating
  • Solar heating
  • Geothermal
  • Swimming pool heaters
  • Domestic water heating
  • Engine jacket cooling
  • Various cooling and heating duties in industrial applications
  • Hydraulic oil cooling
  • Heat pumps
  • Steam
  • Heat recovery refrigeration
  • Packaged chillers
  • Steam


Plate-and-frame (gasketed) heat exchangers

Plate-and-frame heat exchangers provide more heat transfer in less space, requiring one-third to one fifth less surface area than conventional units. Their smaller size and weight help you maximize limited space. The plate-and-frame design is relatively inexpensive, compact and efficient, providing more heat transfer in less space requiring one-third to one-fifth less surface area than conventional shell-and-tube units. Their smaller size and weight help you maximize limited space. A wide variety of plate construction materials are available, including 304 or 316 stainless steel, Titanium, Hastelloy« , Incolloy« , and other metals. Their main application is for systems with very contaminating fluids requiring frequently dismounting and cleaning.

Primary applications:

  • Steel & metal working industries
  • Hydraulic oil coolers
  • Paint heaters
  • Quench oil coolers
  • Jacket, mold & refactory water cooling
  • Pulp & paper industries
  • White water or fibrous water cooling


Shell-and-tube heat exchangers

Today ITT Standard is devoted exclusively to the design, engineering and manufacture of shell-and-tube, gasketed plate, brazed plate and air-cooled heat exchanger products. ITT Standard heat exchangers are engineered and manufactured by experienced craftsmen who have been devoted to the science of heat transfer not just for years, but for generations. All ITT heat exchangers are manufactured with the highest standards of quality. ITT Standard was the first North American heat exchanger manufacturer to be certified under ISO 9001 procedures and guidelines.

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