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Steam specialties

THERMOCONSULT is the authorized distributor for the territory of Bulgaria for the products of ITT Fluid Technology Corporation, U.S.A. - Hoffman Specialty.

ITT Hoffman Specialty is one of the world's famous manufacturers of steam specialties (steam traps, pressure & temperature regulators, condensate units, vacuum breakers, automatic vents, etc.) finding their application in residential and commercial steam heating systems and almost in every industry using steam and hot water:

  • food and beverage industry;
  • mining industry;
  • oil refineries and chemical factories;
  • textile industry;
  • power plants and combined heat and power plants;
  • metalworking factories;
  • wood processing and furniture manufacturing;
  • pulp and paper industry.

For more information regarding products of ITT Hoffman Specialty, please contact us or visit the manufacturer's website:

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