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Boiler & level controls

THERMOCONSULT is the authorized distributor for the territory of Bulgaria for the products of ITT Fluid Technology Corporation, U.S.A. - McDonnell & Miller.

McDonnel & Miller is the world leader in manufacturing of flow switches, general use level controls, and boiler level controls.

McDonnell & Miller is well known for steam and hot water boiler liquid level controls. In fact, McDonnell & Miller pioneered automatic regulation for boiler water levels and has been responsible for practically every major development in boiler level controls since 1924. Concepts in boiler control developed by McDonnell & Miller have become standard industry practice.


McDonnell & Miller is different from other control manufacturers because we are the only manufacturer capable of supplying you with either a float or probe type boiler control. You can expect an objective approach from us in meeting your control application needs.

Primary applications of flow switches

  • air conditioning
  • hot water space heating systems
  • pump systems
  • fire sprinkler systems
  • water treatment systems
  • water cooled equipment
  • air treatment systems
  • clean room filter systems
  • exhaust ventilating
  • air supply systems

For more information regarding products of ITT McDonnell & Miller, please contact us or visit the manufacturer's website:

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