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Solar installations

The active utilization of solar energy by man dates back the early times of history, however only by means of modern science and technologies it became possible to utilize it more intensively and efficiently.

Obviously, the most simple and widely used device for transformation of solar energy into useful heat is the flat solar collector; the recent years showing tendency for increased usage of collectors with parabolic concentric absorber shape with integrated water accumulator and freeze protection.

The geographic location of Bulgaria along with the perfectly made products of HELIOAKMI allow for the following average heat energy yield from 1 sq.m solar collector's area:

  • for the period May - September: 850 kWh/sq.m;
  • for the period October April: 350 kWh/sq.m.

Geothermal installations

The classification of geothermal sources in Bulgaria according to their temperature potential is as follows:

  1. low temperature - water temperature up to 25;
  2. mid temperature - water temperature up to 60;
  3. high temperature - water temperature above 80.

The above classification determines the utilization of geothermal sources:

  • low temperature geothermal sources are mostly utilized in heat pump systems;
  • mid temperature geothermal sources find their application in direct heating systems (without intermediate heat exchangers);
  • high temperature geothermal sources are usually used with indirect heating systems (with intermediate heat exchangers).

Heat systems utilizing geothermal energy sources could be used for: space heating (residential buildings, industrial buildings, greenhouses), drying installations, or hot water supply (for sanitary needs, pools, etc.).


  • technical-economical analysis regarding the feasibility of specific geothermal source utilization and its optimal application;
  • design of geothermal installations;
  • equipment delivery for geothermal systems (heat exchangers, pumps, etc.)
  • full engineering of geothermal systems.
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